Time Crystals?

Yes that’s right, Time Crystals!

Some bright spark theorized them in 2012. A man named Frank Wilczek (Nobel laureate at MIT) for the curious amongst you. A quick Google search will give more information than I or any other mortal can understand.

Now two independent teams of scientists have created them in the laboratory.

I don’t pretend to understand the mechanics of it but essentially they are a new form of matter that could theoretically withstand the blast of heat from the ending of the universe, A reverse Big Bang if you like. So potentially if you could surround yourself with said time crystal you could survive the end of the universe. How cool is that?

Hmmm… well perhaps not very. Did you pack any reading material? Lunch? Spare pants or a few million bottles of wine to help you while away the Very empty hours?

Doesn’t sound quite so cool now does it? However, let’s imagine that they protected you for long enough that you saw the recreation of a new universe. Now that would be something, right?

Of course this is all conjecture but how do you envisage the new universe?


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