Future Now

Writing this on my tablet just because I can has brought it home to me just how far we have come in my lifetime. Way back when I was a bright eyed little boy jumping with glee at the thought of what Christmas would bring. Even with my overactive imagination, I could never have imagined the things which seem commonplace to the children of today. Technology has without a doubt shrunk the world into a tiny bubble where we can speak to someone thousands of miles away, we can see their faces as we do so. We can write an electronic message that to all intents and purpose is an instant letter, we can even do it in a language we don’t speak, notwithstanding certain errors we can be understood all over the world. Many people these days spend their time talking this way perhaps to people who they will see in just a few hours or less. We are ‘connected’. In reality though what does it mean? We speak, we pass on information, we send our opinion out into the ‘wild’ as it were, but does anyone notice?

I’m sure anyone reading this will recognise the theme as it’s voiced by many people much of the time and many of us say it’s “progress”, but is it really?

Surely progress is when everyone lives peacefully together, where no one is forced to beg or steal to live, where we work to help each other and not to make a fast buck. Yes it’s idealistic. Is it possible? Why don’t our governments work towards this ideal?

The point of what of I’ve written?

To point out the obvious and say Happy New Year!


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