I’ve got your back who’s got mine.

Worried about current events? Are you thinking what will happen next?

The whole world and their dogs (cats too) are talking about it, dreaming about it and writing about it, I thought I would too. I’m worried about what I have seen during the last few days in the way of posts on social media criticising other people’s support for one side or the other, not too many of the latter. Granted it is everyone’s right to have an opinion but let us remember that it is just as valid as anyone else’s opinion. So what’s your problem you ask.

My problem is this, given that a certain social media site only gave the option of changing your profile picture to include a flag in support of one country the people that did so were heavily criticised for doing so. It is their choice!! If you would like to support one of the other countries that had similar troubles you are free to do so. Yes it involves a bit of work….Look on the net for a suitable picture, save it to your computer, load up your favourite photo editor and hey presto you have a new profile photo to show your support. Not one person I know took the trouble to do that! I’ve not seen a single one. I’m not having a go but just pointing out my cause for concern.

If/when the proverbial hits the fan, I’m hoping that will never happen, there will be no question about whose side I’m on. You will not have to ask. It will be unquestionable about where my loyalty is, either I will be with you fighting with and for you or I will be completely against you. And here lies my dilemma, who will be behind me?

The fact that I ask that question demonstrates one thing, The battle against terrorism is lost, they have succeded! Divide and conquer, the first part has been acheived from where I’m sitting.


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