End of an Era

It’s been a while since I put digital pen to paper as it were apart from in the course of my work, finally that time has returned again and although this will be a short post it signifies putting certain things to rest.

First and foremost the demise of The Lost Clauses, gone are the dizzying heydays of yore where merriment, songs and beer filled the air. Gone also the days of cramming six people plus instruments and more beer into a tiny room to practise, laugh and drink. Six people from varying backgrounds, musical abilities and tastes who somehow chose to be thrust into this tiny room. Let it be said that rarely did tempers flare unlike other famous groups that have gone before us, of course I wouldn’t dare to proclaim ourselves to be famous by any stretch of the imagination, nevertheless as we looked out across the crowd when we played for San Juan I couldn’t help but think that it was our “Woodstock”.

Needless to say all things come to an end and we should learn from everything that passes, I will look back on those days with joy for many years to come and hope we will all do the same.

Work on “The Digital Rainbow” will continue forthwith with the intention to follow up with another story hot on its heels hopefully. Songwriting has taken the forefront of late and that appears to be slowing down now so other literary works can be finished and undertaken.

And now back to exam marking…………..


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