That Time of year

Well here we are in the festive season and I`m finally finding time to put pen to paper once again, although currently it`s to mark exams much to the disappointment of my students, especially since they are currently doing the the usual swathe of exams in the school.

Regarding myself I`ve moved into my little duplex and almost very nearly finished organising things. At least the living room, kitchen and bathroom are decent enough for visitors, the bedroom is however still in a state of “Flux”. It’s pretty quiet there most of the time especially when my neighbor isn’t screeching at her son.

The lack of internet at home does however drive me to distraction at times though, maybe it’s been a godsend in one way as this has allowed me to concentrate more on musical creativity(More to be said at a later date) and I’m quite pleased with the more recent ideas and how they’ve fleshed out.

My neighbours house is smothered in decorations already and I’m currently toying with the idea of actually putting up some token decorations, what do you think? It’ll be weird not going home this year so perhaps I’ll make the effort and get a little tree at least.


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