One week to go.

Yes that’s right just one week left till my Summer holidays start. It’s been a gruelling time but I can’t complain as the extra money has and will come in handy. Yes I know it’s strange taking summer holidays in September but for me it’s cooler and less expensive so it makes sense to do it that way.This last week will be especially busy and quite probably prevent me from writing any more of my story but better not to write than to try and force it or see it as a chore.

The pain in my knee has slowly subsided to a more or less dull ache and everything else healthwise appears to be fine.

Last week ended with a nice surprise because my one and only friend with whom I enjoy speaking Spanish (He’s French!!) has returned from his holidays and so we spent Friday evening discussing many things from the latest football scores which I hate to his soon to be born, as yet unamed son. Naming children is a difficult process, I know; I’ve done it. In fact, perhaps for the man this can be the most trying time, finding a name that he likes and that of course the mother also likes. How many people think about the child in this matter? Obviously it’s not really a good idea to wait until they can decide for themselves.

My new camera is performing spectacularly in my opinion. I still have much to learn about using it and photography of course and now the difficult decision of selling my old one or keeping it, sigh decisions decisions.

Anyway nothing more to speak about now so I’ll leave with a picture of my amigo.




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