The Summer is here! YAaaaaay (Said with an emphasized Diminuendo) Not so much complaining but one of those times when time seems to have stretched itself to make the least pleasurable things occupy an inordinately longer period than others.

I’ve finally finished my end/beginning of month tasks, minimal paperwork done, checked and redone. Work plan organised and reorganised a few times. So now I can settle into my Summer schedule of work, work and work, although I can’t complain there is a hefty chunk of the day that can be spent relaxing, writing, hopefully photography thrown in with a splash of music making,  whilst more or less everyone else I know is settling into their routine of holidaying, relaxing, doing nothing and of course catching up on all the things they couldn’t do before.

Last month I had the distinct impression that I was busy, but it was only this morning that I realised how busy, it’s quite surprising really and if this month is anything similar then it will possibly have been my busiest period in many years. So on this note I am cheerful as this will mean a more enjoyable holiday when it arrives for two reasons. The first because I will for sure need the rest and the second because I should be a little richer, having said this though a little belt tightening is nedded in more ways than one. The need to lose a few extra pounds is evident but also a tighter control on expenditure would not go amiss. Previous months have started to show results and so a continuation of these methods will hopefully result in smiles all round.

The Story has been slow going of late due to work and the oppresive heat that takes away all “ganas” to do anything amongst other things. Worryingly this next section leading up to the culmination and ending of the story has been the most difficult perhaps due to being a minor break or expansion of my original idea. I had toyed with the idea of removing it but I think it works and fits nicely with the way things are going. At any rate I’ll be back to the story this week.


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