A mere mortal.

Today just hours before the grim realisation that I am just a mere mortal, I never thought I was a god per se but obviously overestimated my ability or underestimated the task I had set for myself, perhaps vastly would have been a good word to have used here also. The task was to write my “Short Story” The Digital Rainbow on the fly without a draft or a story bible or in fact any record except for the ever growing document itself, standing at a mere 5000 or so words, not so many in relative terms, War and peace contains over 560,000 in the English version and then Hemingway’s “For sale. Baby shoes. Never worn.” at six (Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/1305285.)

Seemingly an easy thing to do, not so I find, as all weekend I have been…..well,erm….. relaxing, spending time with friends and trying to start the next chapter. Storyline clear as crystal in my head, no doubts about the direction in which to go. The problem? Details, details, details. More specifically 2 rather than a multitude. The solution? A piece of software I could run on my computer and plug myself into and the story in my head would be automagically¬† typed out for me complete with any pretty images that would assist in telling the story, sadly this is still lacking from our arsenal of technological triumphs.

There are, however, some excellent pieces of software to create a story bible, which I dismissed as being too time consuming, not worth the effort etc etc. What a fool! And so realising my “NOOB” error I return humbled to the computer to at least get some kind of summary structured to aid my failing synapses when neccessary.

Of course the comparisons quoted here are pointless and just there to give extreme examples for us mere mortals to consider when setting ourselves a task and also to take heed of the advice we receive from those who went before us. Remember advice is only bad when it doesn’t work.



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