Gloomy Saturday

Just the title puts you off, right? Why would you read something with a title like that? Well perhaps you were hooked from the moment you saw it, perhaps gleefully thinking someone had a worse day than you or maybe the opposite, perchance you thought “Oh my, I wonder what happened to this poor guy/gal.” Well, sorry if you fell for either of those reasons, today has in fact been quite a pleasant day full of nice relaxing weekend pastimes, nothing to write home about some might say but that’s more or less what I’m doing here.

The day started early, or at least I assume so, I finally got out of bed at 8:30 ish and proceeded with the normal stuff,  coffee, washer load of clothes prepared and then more coffee (decaff of course). Then a little shopping, new shoes, strings for the guitar and new capo as my previous one has gone AWOL, maybe adorning someone else’s guitar accessory bag or lost in the murky depths of my room, only to be discovered when I finally stop procrastinating and get round to cleaning it. I could do it now but it’s so much more interesting to be writing about it than doing it, this is not necessarily true for all things he says gleefully holding a half full glass of red wine to his lips.

Then after a quick lunch off to the studio to meet up with the band minus one, who is currently in “The village”, which sounds foreboding but I’m guessing it’s at least ten times better than it sounds and a hundred times better than the film of the same name (IMHO). Great times getting together with the guys for a drink and to jam a few tunes and introduce much needed new ideas and songs, more importantly catching up with each other and chilling out, a complete misnomer at the moment due to the Spanish Summer being upon us and then we cram ourselves like sardines into a room with no aircon and rock out for a few hours. At this point I discover that it’s a mistake to wear shoes/trainers or more or less any kind of footwear without socks if you’re not used to it, ouch! But blisters aside it’s been a great day, and writing about it has increased my appreciation of it immeasurably.

If you’ve got this far and are still wondering why the title? here’s why……..P1010285It’s actually been gloomier than this pretty much all day, so I was surprised to see this break in the cloud cover.

Bye for now.


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