Things that go Grrr!

    After my recent bout of tendonitis in my left hand put a bit of a block on my writing I was quite happy today when for the second consecutive day I was free from pain and today being relatively work free I decided I would continue the story.

Happily sauntering along on my way back from the office and thinking about what would come next in the gripping tale of the Szivarans I almost broke out into a little whistle as I smiled to myself on this fine hot Zaragoza day, However upon reaching the lift in my apartment block I was surprised to find said elevator’s interior shrouded in cardboard. Instantly recognising the trademark sign of “The Workmen” my cheerful demeanor collapsed in on itself almost to the point of no return. The approach to the fourth floor seemed as normal, lift clunking perplexingly as always, distant voices on the second floor belonging to the people who presumably live in the hallway, they’re always there talking! The lift went through it’s usual slow motion dance that precedes it stopping with a jolt that propels the temporary inhabitant towards the ceiling and slightly to one side, exiting the lift all was quiet until I opened the door to my abode whereupon I was greeted by the sound of the infernal machinery that was currently chewing up an apartment on the third floor in preparation for who knows what.

    It’s amazing really that in a country where people have a habit of sleeping at a more or less set hour and where they live almost in each others pockets that we don’t have any quieter machines for doing alterations, but more to the point why does it always sound like the entire inside of the building is removed when they do it? is it really necessary to remove all interior walls floors and ceilings to alter your apartment?

Now perhaps people think I’m exaggerating, Perhaps there maybe a hint of that here but I guarantee that if you get the chance to speak to someone in Spain who has experienced a neighbours renovation of their dwelling they will wholeheartedly agree with my comments.

    The upshot then is that work on the story will be a little delayed, although perhaps later today I will have some silence and of course this evening after my class. Rant over………..For now.


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