All’s well that ends well

  All’s well that ends well. A play that was apparently penned by the immortal bard sometime around 1604-1605, in truth I’m not at all familiar with it except for the title which just happens to be the same as today’s blog post. Shockingly I’m not fond of Shakespeare at all perhaps due to being force fed his works from a young age, I suppose I’m considered a heretic by many for my views but everyone is entitled to their opinion, well mostly.

The title could be considered a misnomer of sorts as really it’s about my day today, which is far from over and also about my story, which is also far from complete. On to the events of today. I arrived at work at 8.15am and prepared to give class i.e. sat at the table with my books ready browsing the net on my tablet. 8.45 am arrived without so much of a glimmer of a student. Slightly miffed at getting up early for apparently nothing I checked my timetable on the computer which looked blankly up at me revealing that there  should be no class at 8.30am sigh. Knowing better than my electronic counterpart I waited and sure enough My student arrived “Promptly” at 9.07am. Class finished at 10am straight to the next one which was today only until 11am due to a Doctor’s appointment at the strange time of 11:54am. Needless to say I went in 30 minutes after said time, sat for 3 minutes and left prescription in hand, a happy customer. This last part is the real “ending well” part.

As for progress with the Digital Rainbow, progress is a little slow due to my strangely increasing workload (also a very positive thing at this juncture). The normally lean Summer months may turn out to be bounteous in respect of earnings rather than free time and so for this reason my posts may be a little slower than of late but perhaps better written rather than hurriedly penned as I’m sure Shakespeare was never guilty of doing.

The story now stands at just over 3000 words and although apparently there is no agreed maximum or minimum for a story. The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writer’s of America give this table for entries to it’s Nebula Award. Acording to this I’m almost halfway to writng a short story but it seems these definitions are never clear cut. That’s all for now.

Novel over 40,000 words
Novella 17,500 to 40,000 words
Novelette 7,500 to 17,500 words
Short story under 7,500 words

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