Keep them Bloggies Rollin’

Ok so I’m still blogging after 2 weeks, something of a record for me, still finding my way around and getting to grips with how eveything works too. Not sure if I really needed to create 3 seperate blogs for the different things I’m currently up to but I guess it’s kind of logical to keep some things apart.

Of course as I’m learning the ropes as it were there are likely to be many errors and edits but so far I’m happy with how things are shaping up. Not being creative in the web department means my blogs have the bog standard look that’s available but then do we really need fancy borders and little doodah gadgets splattered around the screen distracting us from the task in hand? I think not! After all the important thing should be the content and not how many widgets, applets or gadgets you have adorning your blog eating up more megabites of cyberwotsit and increasing upload/download time. It’s true they look nice, well sometimes, but more often than not they are confusing and increasingly unfathomable symbols that bear no relation to function or logic.

Yes you guessed it, I am indeed of the older generation, the ones who balk at using a remote control for the new DVD player etc etc. Now don’t get me wrong, I love technology and am constantly amazed by the progress we have made since I was a lad but nowadays it seems we create something and then need to find a use for it.

But I’ve finally found a use for blogging, namely unleashing my train of thoughts on an unsuspecting public that potentially gives me an audience of billions, judging by today’s television programmes I have a chance to entertain a few people at least. My advice is turn off the T.V. sidle on over to the P.C. fire it up and have a good read of something. What can it hurt?


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