Renewed Effort

Sitting in my room today trying to get to grips with a heirachical structure for my notes to the Digital rainbow and the also the heat, not neccesarily in that order, I decided it was time to get back on the bike and get some much needed exercise and fresh air. Jumping not so nimbly onto my bike I realised with a grimace that my knee is still giving me some gyp, hey ho no time for grumbling. The cycle down to the water park at the expo site was uneventful until I reached the bridge pavilion, an oddly designed bridge, looking completely out of place where it is even with all of the other modern structures around it. My plan was to finally take some pictures of it even though I find it an atrocity, that’s being kind. So first shot taken and as I finish taking the shot 4 people with skateboards arrive at the bridge obviously to cross and have some fun in the expo site on the other side. I start pushing my bicycle to the entrance whereupon I heard a voice over a hidden loudspeaker system announcing “No skateboarding allowed!” So, they pick up their skateboards and proceed to enter, again the voice announces “Not even if you carry them!”. Ok not strictly those words as he spoke in Spanish but you get the idea. The youngsters exit, I enter pushing my trusty carriage only to be told no bicycles! So I follow the skateboarders to the other bridge. This monstrosity of a bridge is manned obviously by cameras, loudspeakers and some form security man, for what reason I ask? It’s not used very much, has nothing inside and exit into open space. From a safety point of view I understand no cycling or skateboarding but conducting yourself in a nice fashion on foot carrying skateboards or pushing bikes wouldn’t seem out of place or any trouble. Rant over so here’s the one photo I took perhaps not the best but I didn’t think it warranted much effort and after the forementioned events even less so, in fact I’ll probably never go inside it out of protest. Needless to say that the rest of the afternoon/evening went without trouble apart from the old knee grumble……grumble…….mutter.


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