So, finally I’ve got the blogging bug, perhaps a little late but better late than never so the old saying goes, My guess is that I’ll update this much less than my other blog Which is where my story resides. I’m still dubious about writing it in blog form, but then what can it hurt? And of course writing for pleasure is something that I’ve sadly left for too long and perhaps gotten rusty (using American English here just shows something amiss).

Having lived in Spain for just a touch over 6 years has made me highly aware of a few things, the first of which is that when you use a “dumbed down”(Not a phrase I’m keen on) version of your own language for such a great length of time it does indeed affect the language you speak and sometimes your understanding of what would once have been an average everyday conversation, hence this project of writing is in part to prevent the decline of my once wonderfully rich vocabulary and also to hopefully abate the decline of my dwindling cognitive processes. In short it’s my fight back against the slow insidious effects of getting old. Perhaps I can age gracefully or at least with a modicum of respectfullness. Time will tell.

Already I’ve learned that trying to write and publish a story in relative real time is nigh impossible and fraught with dangers. Spelling mistakes, omissions and then afterthoughts. Interruptions are perhaps the deadliest thing of, once the process of putting your train of thoughts onto paper as it were,  any distraction is enough can completely destroy a whole paragraph. For this reason I limit my posts to what I can comfortably put down without fear of being disturbed by neighbors, flatmates, mosquitos or the occasional rumble of thunder and the hope of taking photos of the ensuing light show that it portents.

Now my thoughts are on wine and food so I’ll stop here before it descends into random thoughts, possibly alcohol driven ones.



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